Why Sunday School?

Sunday School is a vital part of the believer’s life. Here we go deeper in God’s Word to try and better understand what God is asking of us as His people and learn how to apply what we read to our daily lives.


Ages 0-4

Led by Lauren Bidewell.


Age 5

Led by Brandy Lovins.


Age 6

Led by Sandy Gray

1st & 2nd Grade

Ages 7-8

Led by Lynn Doering

3rd & 4th Grade

Ages 9-10

Led by Marian Bidewell

5th & 6th Grade

Ages 11-12

Led by 

Junior High

Ages 13-14

Led by Jordan Robbins

High School

Ages 15-18

Led by Lisa Paige & Wilma Williams

Men’s Class

Led by Paul Temple

Adult’s Class

Led by Sandra Poole